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  • £300 worth of treatments for just £200

    Everyone deserves a sparkling white smile and beautiful skin, especially at Christmas. So why not make this party season really special by taking advantage of our fantastic new offer?

    Spend just £200 and we'll give you £300 worth of treatment value! Choose from either take-home teeth whitening, for a brighter whiter smile in time for Christmas, 3 areas of wrinkle removing injections or £300 worth of fillers for smooth, younger looking skin. The choice is yours.

    Don't forget

    We also offer interest free finance over 6 months on 2 or more deals.

    To take advantage of this offer, call us on 01277 217706 or email info@essex-dentist.com.

  • Support Mouth Cancer Action Month

    Jan was given the crushing news that it was in fact oral cancer, and urgent surgery was advised. She had most of her lower lip removed, had months of cosmetic surgery to reconstruct it. Even though she was scarred, she was alive.

    If your dental check-up is overdue or it has been some time since you visited your dentist, now is the perfect time to pick up the phone and book your appointment. Why? Because November is Mouth Cancer Action Month, a time to raise awareness about early detection and prevention – something which we can achieve through regular dental examinations.

    Mouth Cancer Action Month is a charity campaign held throughout the month of November to increase education of the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer, with the aim of saving thousands of lives. To put it in perspective, mouth cancer claims more lives every year than road traffic accidents.  Worse still, mouth cancer is one of the few cancers predicted to increase in the coming years, yet with early detection or better still prevention, this statistic could be a thing of the past.

    Book your next check up today

    At Charl Chapman Dental we encourage all of our patients to attend regular dental check-ups, not least because early diagnosis of oral cancer could save your life. Preventative dentistry is also the best way to avoid future problems with your teeth and gums. A regular check-up ticks many boxes in your oral health routine, giving you the opportunity to:

    • Have your teeth, gums and mouth examined for any potential problems
    • Talk about any pain or discomfort you are currently experiencing
    • Discuss any suitable treatments for dental issues or for cosmetic purposes
    • Undergo routine screening for mouth cancer
    • Have your teeth scaled and polished by our hygienists
    • Seek advice on brushing, flossing and general oral hygiene

    If you are worried about your overall oral health, a routine check-up will put your mind at ease. As will having the facts – such as knowing what might be a sign or symptom of oral cancer. We tell all of our patients to let us know if they are experiencing:

    • Mouth ulcers which do not clear up after three weeks
    • Unusual lumps or swelling in the mouth
    • Red or white patches in the mouth

    With routine screening, the disease can be prevented or detected early enough to treat. 

    If you want to show your support for this worthy cause why not make sure you’re up to date on your dental check-ups?

    Call us today on 01277 217706 so we can help you maintain a healthy, confident smile.

  • The practical and cosmetic benefits of having straighter teeth

    Probably the principal cause for being unhappy with your smile is crooked or gapped teeth. Large gaps between teeth or a crooked appearance due to overcrowding can cause you to cover up your smile, making you appear shy and unconfident even if you are the life and soul of the party.

    Rather than being embarrassed by your wonky smile, there are plenty of positive steps you can take to restore your confidence. Teeth straightening treatments will improve the appearance of crowded or crooked teeth, using either fixed or removable braces. The type of treatment chosen will depend upon your individual teeth and the severity of the problem, but there are lots of practical and effective options available.

    Invisalign – the popular choice

    The Invisalign system is a popular orthodontic treatment for treating a wide variety of cases. It works by using thin retainers which slip on over the teeth to gently correct crookedness and crowding whilst you get on with your everyday life. As these braces are virtually invisible, they are perfect for busy adults and teenagers who have decided they no longer want to live with a smile they’re not happy with, but also don’t want to make a statement about having treatment.

    More than 3 million people worldwide have improved their smile with Invisalign. Want to know if this treatment is right for you? Contact us today.

    The practical side of teeth straightening

    The practicalities of having straighter teeth often get overlooked in the pursuit of cosmetic perfection, but it is true to say that having your teeth straightened will not only improve your smile, but will also make it easier to clean your teeth effectively and enable you to eat more comfortably.

    With the many practical and confidence-boosting benefits associated with having straighter teeth maybe it is about time you booked your consultation? Call us today on 01277 217706 to find out more or book an appointment with Charl.


  • Top tips to look after your teeth

    Spending the time caring for your teeth will not only give you a smile you can be proud of but may save you money on dental treatments in the future.

    Here’s some top tips from our dentist Charl to help you show your teeth the love they deserve:

    1. Brush strokes – did you know that scrubbing with your toothbrush can erode the gums?  Instead, use the brush  in a circular motion, angling the toothbrush so that the fibres are slanted to the gum. The brush tips should not flick over the tooth surfaces. This will  go over any gaps or misaligned teeth and is far more effective and kinder to your overall dental health.
    2. Time it right – next time you brush your teeth set a timer on your alarm clock or mobile phone and see whether you are meeting the recommended minimum brushing time of 2 minutes.  You should be spending the count of three on every tooth surface.  Surely we’ve all got four minutes a day to keep our teeth and gums healthy?
    3. Don’t forget your tongue – how many of you reading this can honestly say you clean your tongue?  You may do a great job of keeping your teeth and gums clean but if you overlook brushing the surface of your tongue you are overlooking the bacteria that cause bad breath!
    4. Clean between your teeth for a healthier future – Did you know that using interdental brushes or flossing your teeth could add years to your life?  Recent research revealed that those who have gum disease are more likely to suffer from coronary heart problems as those without gum conditions. 
    5. Time your sugar fixes – reduce your sugary drinks or snack intake to once or twice a day and make sure you consume everything in one go, rather than grazing as this will mean your teeth are constantly under attack. One jelly been every half hour is worse than a whole slab of choclate once a day – not that we advise it!
    6. Visit your dentist regularly – it goes without saying that even if you do really well on observing the above five points, you still need to make sure you visit your dentist regularly.  This is so we can keep a close eye on your oral health and treat any problems early on so that you can keep on smiling.

    If you have any concerns about your oral hygiene routine why not ask at your next appointment or call us today on 01277 217706.

  • Get Your Smile Back with Dental Implants

    Tooth loss can be caused by factors such as:

    • Accident
    • Trauma to the teeth
    • Dental caries (also known as tooth decay)
    • Periodontal disease (also known as gum disease)
    • Failed dental work

    Dental implants, will look and feel natural, so nobody will ever be able to tell that they are artificial. You will be able to speak more comfortably, eat and chew a lot more easily and feel happier within yourself. The implants are usually made of titanium and can preserve and strengthen the bone.

    This month marks the beginning of the annual National Smile Month (NSM) which raises awareness of the importance of good oral hygiene. Run by the British Dental Health Foundation, NSM promotes 3 key messages which include:

    • Brushing every day, once in the morning and again at night
    • Cutting out sugary foods and drinks
    • Visiting your dentist regularly for check ups

    National Smile Month will help give you lots of useful information so you are able to take better care of your teeth. Even if you have dental implants you should still follow the messages above to prevent gum disease and further tooth decay.  Your implants will act like normal teeth so it’s important to look after them.

    Having dental implants can give you the smile that you have longed for, and by replacing the teeth that you have lost, they can help you feel better and more confident. 

    We can provide dental implants for those patients who have lost their teeth. For more information on how you can get your smile back, you can give me a call on 01277 217706 or read more about dental implants.

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