The practical and cosmetic benefits of having straighter teeth

Probably the principal cause for being unhappy with your smile is crooked or gapped teeth. Large gaps between teeth or a crooked appearance due to overcrowding can cause you to cover up your smile, making you appear shy and unconfident even if you are the life and soul of the party.

Rather than being embarrassed by your wonky smile, there are plenty of positive steps you can take to restore your confidence. Teeth straightening treatments will improve the appearance of crowded or crooked teeth, using either fixed or removable braces. The type of treatment chosen will depend upon your individual teeth and the severity of the problem, but there are lots of practical and effective options available.

Invisalign – the popular choice

The Invisalign system is a popular orthodontic treatment for treating a wide variety of cases. It works by using thin retainers which slip on over the teeth to gently correct crookedness and crowding whilst you get on with your everyday life. As these braces are virtually invisible, they are perfect for busy adults and teenagers who have decided they no longer want to live with a smile they’re not happy with, but also don’t want to make a statement about having treatment.

More than 3 million people worldwide have improved their smile with Invisalign. Want to know if this treatment is right for you? Contact us today.

The practical side of teeth straightening

The practicalities of having straighter teeth often get overlooked in the pursuit of cosmetic perfection, but it is true to say that having your teeth straightened will not only improve your smile, but will also make it easier to clean your teeth effectively and enable you to eat more comfortably.

With the many practical and confidence-boosting benefits associated with having straighter teeth maybe it is about time you booked your consultation? Call us today on 01277 217706 to find out more or book an appointment with Charl.


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