General dentistry

Spend your money on prevention - it is the most cost-effective in the long term.

Research has proved beyond doubt that when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums, preventive dentistry is the best way of avoiding any potential problems. If you do have any problems, then we can help to solve them.

Our hygienists play a key role in this, helping you to combat gum disease. This condition is very common – in its early stages it can cause sore or bleeding gums and bad breath. If left untreated, it will eventually lead to tooth loss.

Regular visits to the dentist are also important, so we can keep a close eye on what is happening in your mouth and treat any potential problems at an early stage.

Early diagnosis of oral cancer could save your life. A thorough soft tissue examination is part of your regular check-up examination. If we do spot anything suspicious, we will immediately arrange for you to see an oral surgeon.